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2000 Chevy Cavalier

Hi everybody,
I have a 2000 Chevy Cavalier and I took it into the shop after noticing that the right side clicks loudly during any movement. The clicks get closer together and eventually disappear at high speeds, but it is pretty loud. I just had the struts and springs replaced 8 months ago, but not the strut mount.

I just took it to Chevy Service and they said it would be $537 for a right front strut and alignment to stop the clicking. I don’t really trust them, though - they’ve already been a little unethical.

Can I do a ‘quick fix’ to eliminate the noise for about a month while I look for a new car?


Clicking that varies with road speed sounds more like a CV joint in your right axle, or possibly something with your brakes or wheel bearing, rather than a strut. You should find an independent mechanic to take a look at your Cavalier, search on ‘mechanic finder’ in the search box.

No, there is no quick fix for issues like this. This is a safety issue you need to fix now. I agree with texases that this could be something as simple as a CV joint, and I would get a second opinion from a reputable shop.

If the service department at your local Chevy dealership is unethical, why do you go back? If they are unethical, find a better shop to work on your car instead of rewarding bad behavior.

Does the Cavalier have plastic wheel covers? If so, pull them off and go for a drive to see if the clicking stops. My wife’s 98 Windstar had a clicking noise at low speeds and it turned out to be the right front wheel cover.

If not, take the car to an independent mechanic if you are unhappy with the dealer. Ask friends, neighbors or coworkers for a recommended mechanic.

Ed B.