2001 Corolla Engine Rattling *With Belt Off*

I’ve got a 2001 Corolla with an engine rattling sound that’s been going on for about a month now. It’s gotten slightly worse so I figured I should probably take a look at it. I slipped the belt off and noticed a definite bad pulley, but the rattling still continued with the belt off anyway. Any and all help is greatly appreciated, as I just graduated college and my finances aren’t exactly aligned to spend a ton of money at a garage.

I’m also pretty capable at doing most repairs myself, just need to diagnose it first

Attached is a video of the engine rattling.

Thanks in advance!

First step: Check the engine oil level.

The noise you hear is the timing chain/guides failing.



My first thought was a failing came phaser (ala Ford) or something to do with the variable valve timing, but I’m unsure if this engine would have a phaser / solenoid that could cause issues like that. Is that a possibility, Tester, or is the timing chain and/or guides the only possibility? Just curious.

It makes no difference.

Either way, the engine timing assembly has to come apart!


10-4. I didn’t know if changing a solenoid or phaser might be doable without tearing into the whole timing assembly. Agree with you that it does sound like the chain dragging on something it would prefer not to be in contact with.