2000 chevy blazer whirring noise under drivers side dash

I got an oil change, a transmission fluid change and the PCV valve cleaned at a chain repair shop. Since then I have noticed a whirring noise coming from under the dashboard on the drivers side. When it is in gear and I am giving it gas it goes away but if I’m sitting an intersection or coasting I can hear it again. Also, both fluid levels appear to be overfull, that’s part of the reason for transmission fluid change. I’ve never added fluid to it but somehow it was overfull before the change(it was far above the hot level when cold). I told them about it before the change and they said they would make sure it was at the proper level. It doesn’t look like it.

Are you sure they even changed the fluid at all . . . ?!

It should be red, and a rather light red at that, not dark

Was this one of the big chain operations that doesn’t remove the pan and replace the filter, but rather just flushes the transmission . . . ?!

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What does the transmission fluid look like? Does it look milky? Over-full transmission fluid may be a sign that the transmission cooler in the radiator has failed, forcing coolant into the transmission. Very serious, this will quickly lead to transmission failure.

Alternately, perhaps they didn’t touch the transmission fluid at all.

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You do know the the transmission fluid is checked with the car driven at least 8 miles, more in really cold weather and the engine idling in park or neutral, right?