ok guys i got my blazer look at and here what they come up with so far.transmission fluid is discolored.transmission shifts late between 3rd and 4th at 52 mph.transmission slips between 2nd and 3rd gears at 32 mph.lock up 41-43 mph in and out.i never told them this but i change the transmission fluid about a week before i took it there and when i chk the fluid it was nice and clean and not burned like he said it was.he said most likely it internal damage.for them to take a look in side to see what is wrong with cost me 400.00 and i said hell no

Look man, you’re not telling us the year, mileage, transmission type, maintenance history, use, whether you used the correct transmission fluid when you did the change, what shop you took it to, …
Give us more to work with besides that it’s a Blazer. They’ve been making Blazers since 1969.

I presume you’ve posted before, but I don’t recall what the exact problem was. If you think you need help from a transmission shop expert to diagnose the problem, ask your own trusted inde mechanic which is the best inde transmission shop in town.

I realize you are concerned that the transmission fluid shouldn’t have been commented on b/c you changed it, but it is still possible there was some discoloration noted. Why? B/c it is nearly impossible to change all the transmission fluid. Some, and sometimes quite a bit, still remains and mixes in w/the new. So don’t discount the current shop’s advice entirely simply b/c they noted a discoloration in the fluid.

Trying to rear your post without sentences, punctuation, or capitals gives me a headache so I gave up.

Re-check your fluid. If it’s burnt, you can see for yourself. Try another shop and see if they say the same thing. But, FWIW, gear slipping has already done damage. The clutches are very thin and cannot tolerate noticable slippage. The trans will most likely need to be taken apart.

"Trying to read your post without sentences, punctuation, or capitals gives me a headache so I gave up."


Perhaps the OP can get a friend or relative who is a native speaker of English to re-post the question so that we can understand it.

“1998 chevy blazer v6 about 127024 miles”