2000 Chevy Astro Van



I’m getting a PO301 fault (misfire in cylinder #1). The engine is running very rough. This started without any warning. I started the engine yesterday and it felt like it was jumping out. Upto that time it ran smooth. I pulled the spark plug from the #1 cylinder and connected it back on the plug wire and cranked the engine and I have spark at the end of the spark plug. Does anyone have any ideas or every experienced this one? This has a V6 engine with 89,000 miles.


with the spark plug out, were you able to smell gas from the spark plug hole ?


I could barely reach the plug with my socket in hand laying under the vehicle. I couldn’t get close enough to smell at the plug hole. But I didn’t smell any gas.


Just because you can see a spark doesn’t mean that it is reliable. Also, like castironman is suggesting, it doesn’t mean that lack of reliable spark is your problem, but maybe lack of fuel. You need to do a real diagnosis, involving checking the plug for proper resistance, checking the wire for proper resistance, checking the boot and wire for cracks leading to spark leakage, checking the distributor for the same, and checking the coil.


Problem solved!! It was a bad injector on the #1 cyinder. Thanks guys!!