2000 Chevrolet TrailBlazer engine intermittently shuts off

Hi Barkydog

My mechanic did a smoke test and patched the leaks and the problem still occurs. Why would a brake booster problem cause an engine shutoff? Thanks for the suggestion.

George_San_Jose1 the car may be running for 30 mins or more when this happens so definitely not a cold engine issue. Engine has had its regular maintenance but I can make sure all the points you brought up are checked. Thanks!

Some more detail: Was driving it this weekend and the issue happened twice.
I was braking at a stop light when the engine went dead, the battery light came on, the dashboard lights stayed on and the power steering died also. Had to come to a complete stop, put the car in park and then turn the engine back on with the key.

The vacuum for the brake booster is involved when using the brakes, the loss of vacuum due to a leak can cause problems. IAC is another possibility