2000 cavalier stalling

Bought a 2000 cavalier from the auction. Idled fine. We’ve done tune up, fuel pressure is fine and no codes. When we come to a stop or turn a curve it stalls only after it is fully warm. Any suggestions

AIS motor needs cleaning or the TPS may need adjustment (if able) or replacement.

Can you maintain idle with the throttle? Is this a MAF system? If so, PROPERLY (as in carefully) clean the MAF sensor.

Hey there,

I experience the same issues with my '03 Cavalier. It happens most frequently when coming to a stop and the A/C is running (either for defrost or cuz it’s hot outside). Car is a manual, so if we turn off the A/C and let the foot of the brake (on a flat street) then it doesn’t stall…and it’s not like it just shuts off at the stop light, you can watch the RPMs gradually drop, the whole car shudders and then it stops…unless you do the fancy finger and footwork that I mentioned. I’ve had it completely shut off in the middle of a curve where the clutch is depressed, which is scary as i have power steering, but have been able to jump start it before exiting the curve so that I can regain control of the vehicle…

Please tell me what AIS, TPS and MAF stand for?

Thanks much.