2000 Camry - Sound when turning



I have a 2000 Camry. And for the last about a year or so - :frowning: - I have been getting a sound when I turn left. The sound is something akin to one wooden stick over a wooden surface - may be from the blinker. I never did anything because it was infrequent. But over time is has worsened and it almost always happens when I turn left and just a bit when I turn right. The sound seems to be coming from the blinkers or that part of steering. The sound is similar to the sound when you turn with blinkers on and there is a little trembling sound just before it clicks and turns the blinker off. Has anyone experienced something similar? What it could be?

Thanks much.


take the car to the dealer ,they see them everyday, a local or independant shop will charge you more money ,because they get to learn on your car(hence the stupid low labor rate and crappy parts)not to mention the quality of the parts at 200 percent mark up ,for JUNK,like VO-TECH.then charge you 3 times as much,because they had to call thier buddy who works at the dealer.training is key,and dealers provide that.
independant shops have training that is years behind,and not full information.just enough to be dangerous.