Toyota Camry 2000

I have a few issues going o with my 2000 camry.

1. My steering wheel make a squeaking sound when i turn the wheels. It make more sound when the weather is cold. I had hte mechanics look into this and he said he kubricated the shaft,but i still am getting this sound.

2. When i’m stiopped and as soon as i release the brake it gives a the brake makes a short squeak sound as well. I had the mechanix=cs look into this as well. But said there was some asphalt stuck somewhere in the brakes and he has cleaned it off. But I still have this sound coming out.

3. And lastly,when driving my windows make a vibrating sound, may be this isbecause of the car getting older…

Is there any way that i can fix these by myself or do i need have another mechanics look into this. Please suggest.



The first one is likely the plastic getting cold and it will go away next summer. They are hard to located the exact source so it could be expensive to fix.

The second one someone should be able to track down and fix, at least temporarily with some lube. I doubt if it is a safety issue.

Maybe. Someone who knows this car may have a better idea than I do.