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2000 camaro v6

I have a 2000 camaro v6 I have a rough idling and cut off problem it seems like my throttle body is not good,my mecanic told me it’s my fuel pump causing this problem,since i do not have a good reading on my dashboard ,can that be my problem?.Please help.


The fuel pump could certainly be the issue. How did your mechanic arrive at that diagnosis? Did s/he put a fuel pressure gauge on it and test it? If so, then s/he is probably correct.

Can you clarify your statement about the throttle body? These are not very complicated and would have a hard time being “not good” - it might be dirty, and mess up air flow or it might need a new gasket, but…other than that? What do you think is wrong? Or do you maybe mean an Idle Air Control (IAC) Valve? - which is normally attached to the throttle body?

From what he said, I have an electronic throttle body, he test drove the car and told me my fuel gauge is not working and my fuel pump is inside my tank,it will cost me $125 to have a test done and if it is my throttle it will cost me $600 for an replacement and $400 if it is my fuel pump. by the way my check engine is not on and the car start fine.

If you don’t want to pay the diagnostic fees, then your best bet is to get a repair manual for the car and start diagnosing yourself. At minimum for the moment, in addition to the manual, you’ll need a decent digital volt meter and a fuel pressure gauge.

How are the basic maintenance items? Spark plugs? Wires? Air & fuel filters? You can start with basic stuff like that.

the same mechanic, just did a complete tune up for me, he charged $ 380 for everything. all I need to know bfore I pay him to do the job is could it be my fuel pump?

It could be, yes. The point is that you want to be sure so things should be checked. Checking fuel pressure, for example, is not hard to do. Has the fuel pressure been checked? Guessing and replacing parts is a really expensive way to diagnose a problem.

So has this mechanic scanned the car for any codes?
Did he change the plug wires?

The fuel pump itself is not the cause of a dashboard fuel gauge error. That is either the gauge, the wiring, or more than likely the fuel tank sender, which is part of the fuel pump module.

Changing the sender and pump module is a major undertaking on this model of car and how he could do it for 400 bucks is beyond me unless that amount means for the pump only, no labor.

well Thanks for ur comments,I’ll have him do the job,I really like the car.