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2000 Buick LeSabre - Knocks

Hey my first car (make model& year listed) has been making some concerning sounds. I just bought it and when I start it up there’s a feint knock RIGHT when in starts. Just once and only during the starter function. Any idea what it could be? Should I be concerned? Thanks a lot !

All knocks are bad. You should be concerned. I suspect the previousm owner was concerned, too, so they sold it to you.

I am guessing you did not have this inspected by a mechanic before you bought it, correct? You should have a mechanic check it now.

I hate to disagree, but I have to. One feint knock at startup…I just wouldn’t sweat that too much. Check the oil, and motor on.

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Gotta agree, with the provision that it depends on the sound. When you first start the car there’s minimal oil in the upper parts. That leads to some slight clattering. I wouldn’t necessarily ignore it but check the oil, add if necessary, get it changed, and keep an eye on it.

A motor/transmission mount problem could cause this. Cranking the engine accelerates the crankshaft and that causes the engine to want to rotate in the other direction. The mounts prevent that from happening, but if they are worn out and there’s some play in the mounts it could cause a knocking sound during cranking. Any good mechanic could assess the engine mounts for you without too much trouble.

If you wanted to try something yourself, open the hood and watch the engine while a helper cranks it. Notice any unusual movement happening, consistent with the sound?

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Add a can of Restore to the oil, if that does not stop the knocking then look for mounts as @George_San_Jose1 mentions.

I had a ~98 Chevy V6 and when it got up in miles, it liked to chatter a bit. Restore took care of it.