2001 Buick LeSabre starting/turning off issues

When starting my car first thing in the morning, for the first few minutes there is a loud
roaring seems like. The sound subsides and the car sounds normally after a little bit.
The next issue is when I start the car after it is already warm. It starts very strange…It
is a little hard to describe. As soon as you hit the starter it just turns over instantly,
seems almost prematurely. And when you go to shut the car off, it just seems like it
makes a loud noise and the motor abruptly shuts off. I am not too educated with
vehicles, and I am just looking for some input. I just purchased this car a week ago
with 82,200 miles on it I have never driven a Buick before so these things may be


An exhaust leak could possibly cause a loud noise when the engine is cold, but then go away after it warms up and seals the leak due to metal expansion.

Thank you for your response. I will check this out…

I suggest you have a shop check it out. From what you say about shutting off the engine it kind of sounds like the starter bendix may not be releasing when you are in the run mode. If that is the case that would not be a good thing.

Thanks for that information as well. May not be a bad idea to have it checked out. I can tell it really starts and shuts off very strange.