2000 Blazer Dist. Cap/Rotor and Spark Plug Change Interval


I have a 2000 Blazer that just hit 100k. The spark plugs were changed at 76k. I couldn’t find a dist. cap/rotor change interval in the owner’s manual.

The truck runs fine at the moment, but I’m thinking of replacing the original dist. cap and rotor in the spring. Would it be a good idea to replace the spark plug wires at the same time?

I’m hoping to keep it for a few more years for when my daughter gets her license.


Ed B.

Since you have platinum plugs, you should change all of it out at the same time. I doubt the cap and rotor will make it through to the next set of plugs. Ditto for wires.

If you have an eight cylinder engine, you don’t have a distributor. You have eight ignition coils that connect to the plug wires. There may not be one on the other engines.