Tune up Components

I recently purchased and 03 Dodge Dakota with 42,000 miles on it. The truck has a 3.9L V6. Since I do not have any service records for the truck I was going to do a tune-up so I know it has been completed. The owners manual recommends a spark plug change at 30,000 miles and does not mention changing the wires, distributor cap, or rotor until 60,000 miles. My goal is to maximize, fuel mileage, performance and engine life (hopefully another 100,000 miles). Is there any benefit to changing more than the spark plugs at this point or should I wait until 60,000 miles to change the distributor cap, rotor button and wires? Also what would recommend for parts? I sometimes use OEM or just whatever the autoparts store offers as replacement parts. I found a tune up set from Accel (plugs, wires, rotor button, and distrubtor cap) for $91. Is it worth $91 for the set?


[b]Just change the plugs. If there’s a problem with the rest of the secondary ignition system, it’ll show up.

But if you just bought this truck, and have no service records, and if it were me, I would also have the transmission fluid and the cooling system serviced. After all, if it’s never been done, it’s due.


Yep, and I’d be inclined to do all of the filters too such as gas, air, PCV and maybe the belt and hoses too just to know its all done.

With only 30k miles on the clock, my opinion would be just to change the plugs, filters, and service the transmission and cooling system as suggested.

Change the oil on a regular basis, never continue to operate an overheating vehicle, and the truck/engine should go a lot further than another 100k miles with no problem.

Thanks for the advice, I was inclined to do just the required service, but just wanted some other opinions to see if I was on the right track. I know Chrysler recommends Champion plugs, any suggestions on if there are any other plugs on the market that will help fuel economy and performance with no negative side effects? Or should I just stick with the Champion plugs.

Well, speaking as a tech, I will not put a set of Champions in anything. I ran into a rash of bad Champion plugs, new right out of the box, and they cost me a lot of aggravation - spelled money.

Once, twice, maybe 3 times I could see a few bad ones but after half a dozen episodes in several months I swore them off and have not used one in over 15 years.

I generally use Bosch, Autolite, or NGKs on about everything with a few A/Cs and Densos thrown in now and then with never a problem.
Stay away from the trick stuff (4 electrodes, Splitfires, etc.); they are unneeded.
Hope that helps.