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2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK-Class wheel sensor problem

I bought a new GLK350 in 2014 and have ongoing problems with wheel sensors. ABS warning light came on at 7733 miles and Dealer replaced right front wheel sensor. ABS warning light came on at 8932 and I had loss of brakes (with crunching sound). Dealer replaced left front wheel sensor and at my insistence, both rear wheel sensors. Three months ago at 13363 miles ABS warning light came on and Dealer again replaced the left front sensor. Now at 13985 miles the ABS warning light just came on again and I had temporary loss of brakes (and crunching sound). Before going back to the Dealer can the CAR TALK GUYS help? Thanks

Yup, time to get rid of this headache.

You only have 13985 miles on a 4 year old vehicle and had this many problems. I say contact Mercedes Headquarters because the dealer is most likely at a loss as to how to solve this. I would also replace this thing as soon as it is repaired because after warranty the repairs will be outrageous.

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