2000 and above celica battery problems


my celica can’t sit for more then a day without it draining the battery, and before you think me a fool the lights are off, trunk interior exterior flashers running lights head lights tail lights, i’ve checked them all, am i alone in this or have others had trouble like this and do you know how to fix it?


Is this the original battery? If so, it may be near the end of its useful life and consider yourself lucky you got 7-8 years out of it.

If the battery is KNOWN good, then you need to check for a voltage draw in the system.
Disconnect the battery negative cable and connect a test light or ammeter between the battery terminal and the neg. cable end.
If the light illuminates then you have to remove fuses one at a time until the light goes out. This will narrow it down to a particular circuit.
If the light is still on after all fuses are removed then you need to disconnect the alternator to determine if it has an internal problem.