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2000 Toyota Celica - Fast battery drain

toyota celica GT, the battery has enough drain on it to die overnight, removed all fuses without any circuit showing the problem in that circuit…removed alternator leads as well, still has drain.

What if you disconnect the battery?

Of course if I just disconnect the battery it does not drain. But then one also disconnects the car clock the ECU the ABS and all the other components that require standby power. It’s not a good idea to cut off the battery between operation x with a car

And ALL of those have fuses… which means you didn’t remove all the fuses. Also consider the alternator may have an internal regulator short draining the battery.

So why do you think that? I’ll say it won’t hurt a thing to disconnect the battery. The ECU may need a couple of miles to re-learn the engine’s condition, the radio and clock will need resetting every time,
but the ABS does not matter at all.

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I did remove all of the fuses every relay and I also disconnected the wires from the alternator. Nothing was able to stop the drain. I find there was an alarm system installed perhaps with a LoJack recovery system which cannot be disconnected for security reasons. Also an aftermarket radio which could be responsible. Heavily Amplified.

And we have the Tri-Fecta of parasitic drains! The LoJack, the aftermarket radio and the subs are all prime candidates for drain. And ALL should be fused. If they aren’t, fuse them or the car could burn to the ground… but that would solve your drain problem!

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My suspicion is that the LoJack system which I would happily remove entirely it’s not fused for security reasons. So that the thief potentially would be unable to remove the fuse. I’m just researching how it might be wired in so I can disconnect. I did find some micro switches that might be part of the system. It’s definitely an Aftermarket Wiring issue. Thanks for your comments

Bull Squat. EVERY electrical component needs to be fused, security or not. The thief can just as easily cut the wires as remove a fuse. In fact, it would be WAY quicker than searching for the fuse. Heck, you haven’t found the fuse and you’ve had lots of time to look for it. LoJack relies on the criminal not knowing it is on the car.

Do you really need LoJack for a 20 year old car?

hi take it someplace that has a starter drain gauge to see if starter is draining it good luck jim

I found it the radio was very tricky to turn off. The owners of the car happened to be morons. I wish them well. Got it fixed.

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