Vintage Toyota 4x4 alternator issues

I have an 83 Toyota 4x4 SR5 carborated 22R. I try to a lot of what I can by myself because it’s typically satisfying, easy and cheaper. I’ve replaced the alternator in my truck before and it was relatively painless. This time is a real drag. I installed the new alternator, started the truck and the charge light comes on, leading me to believe the battery still isn’t charging. I then replaced the voltage regulator and still the light. After that, I started the car and had my girlfriend watch the dash lights while I fiddled with the plug on the alternator and still the light. I’m thinking it’s either a faulty alternator or a bad plug connection. It’s a real chore removing and installing it. Any way around removing it again to have it tested?

Any ideas anybody?

thank you,


If you drive to a shop or some parts stores your whole charging system can be checked ouy on car/

From my 1979 Celica (20R Engine) Factory manual:

Troubleshooting Alternator :

Discharge warning light does not go out:

Drive belt loose or worn

Battery Cables loose, corroded or worn

Fuse blown

Discharge Warning Relay, IC regulator, or alternator faulty

Wiring Faulty

By the way, if the relay for the warning light should fail, the warning light comes ON
(at least in my Celica, according to the schematic I have.) So if the relay coil is open, you’ll get a warning light with a good or bad alternator. The coil in my Celica is powered by the “Engine” Fuse.

Have you measured the voltage with the engine running? Even with a possibly faulty relay it should be 13.5V or so

Hope this helps.