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2000 acura integra ls!

hey i have a 2000 acura integra ls. its all stock besides 17inch rims. i want to modify to make good power and speed and corners then move to body kits and stuff what should i do first and wat all should be done to it? btw it does have the auto b18

How much money do you have?

These cars have numerous aftermarket kits and options available. Try an Acura Integra forum for some good leads. You could also stop by the bookstore and see if they have any “ricer” magazines. Good leads and ideas can be found in these magazines also. Understand that you’ll be trading reliability and affordability once you start souing it up. And once you start on the chassis you’ll be sacrificing comfort. Firm is good, but firm is also firm.

Get rid of the 17’s and put 15’s back on. 16’s if you absolutely must. You’ll notice a jump in acceleration when you get wheels designed for speed rather than show on there.

Then upgrade your brakes. For that car I recommend the brakes from the Type-R, and porterfield R4-s pads.

Next, do your suspension. don’t slam it, and don’t do something dumb like cutting the springs. Put a real aftermarket coilover adjustable suspension on it. Most of the Integra guys I know say very good things about Tokico’s line of suspension products.

Now that your car is ready to handle some power without wrapping around a tree, rip out the engine and transmission and replace it with a B18-C (B18-C5 if you can afford it) and a manual transmission. You’ll need a new pedal assembly for this, but it’s do-able. There’s no point in doing power upgrades with that slushbox in there. Before you put the engine in the car tear it down and build it up to withstand some boost, because your next step is to put a big ol’ turbo on there (or a supercharger if you want to be slower but feel faster). After all this you’ll want an aftermarket ECU that can be programmed, and you’ll want a laptop to program it.

This is going to be expensive, btw. You’re going to be into this for well over 10 grand by the time you’re done if you want to make serious power gains.

Some of the things you want to add to your car will make it heavier and slower, not faster.

The 17" rims are a perfect example. They are for show, not for go. They add unsprung weight (look it up), which is never good, and the extra weight increases braking distances. Also not good. Then there’s the price of the tires.

If I read your post correctly, your Integra has an automatic transmission. Is that correct?

If that’s the case, don’t spend any money modifying this car. An automatic Integra will never be a racer. You’d be better off trading your ls for a Type R Integra. That would be a better starting point for what you have in mind.

I think shadowfax has it nailed down. You’ll spend HUGE amounts of money before you have anything to show for it. Are you prepared to do that?

My guess is you’ll drive your automatic Integra around on its 17" wheels and pretend you have a race car.

Good luck.

Cornering will cost you less than speed… somewhere around 700 will get you a good set of adjustible shocks and lowered springs… When lowering the car MAKE SURE YOU GET THE CAMBER KIT!! MAKE SURE YOU GET THE CAMBER KIT!!! MAKE SURE YOU GET THE CAMBER KIT!!! (I hope that’s clear)

For power… you’re going to be hardpressed to make it a racer unless it’s the Type R that rev’s up to 9 Grand. The First thing people do with their honda’s for more power is make them breath… IHE (Intake Headder Exhaust) those 3 will run about $2,000 - $2,500 grand total

As others have said… get rid of those 17" rims… get some light 15"ers… Unsprung weight (wheels) makes a big difference in how the car corners, and power.

Once you’ve done IHE, you can do the ca (Make sure you know what you are doing or you can total yor engine)

If you really want power… you can do a turbo or supercharger (~$5,000) Don’t go too big… because if you do, then it’s time for a reprogramable ECU, as well as fuel injectors at a and pump or you’ll lean the motor out and melt it (This is a minimum). Once you start makgng BIG power then you’ll need to upgrade the crank, pistons, and valves)

for bodykit etc… screw it… wasted dollars, ane peole (like me) will think you are a ricer… show or go… pick one… body kits add weight weight adds time…

if you want this car to go crazy fast… do a type R swap, or save your pennies and tade it for a type R… The best wasy to have a fast car… start wtih a fast car… so your LS is alredy at a disadvantage to the ITR (Integra Type R)