Bringing agility to my car?

My 99 Integra has 87k
Well maintained and paints look good. I bought it after a lease return with 40k.

I put new spark plugs. All the belts & seals were changed a yr ago.

But the rear of the car is a bit lowered due to use - when I take turns, I feel less control than what it used to be. Has original suspension.
Perhaps some power loss too.

Is there anything that can be done to remedy these?
Also Monroe suspensions are not as good as OEM.

I’d check out the strut/shock/springs available at Sounds like your springs have ‘sagged’.

There are lots of aftermarket upgrades for Integra suspension. Question is, how much “agility” do you want and how much are you willing to pay for it? Stiffer springs in the back can help, but to do it right you have to consider stiffer roll bars, and stiffer struts/shocks. Sometimes changing the rear suspension can throw off the front suspension.

If the car is purely stock currently your best option might be getting new rear springs from an Acura dealer and replacing the struts with OEM units too. That should improve things without creating any imbalance in the overall suspension.

As usual, I agree with Texases.

What’s with the Monroe comment?

New suspension time. Tokico makes Integra-specific suspension components that are good for street and mild racing (autocross, etc). That’ll get the ride height back to where it’s supposed to be and noticeably sharpen your handling. (if that link works properly, it will take you to their Integra-specific page).

As for power loss, you have a very strong motor in there already. The B-18 is one of the best 4bangers Honda ever made, and it’s just getting started at only 87 thousand miles. Make sure fuel delivery and exhaust are up to snuff, check your air filter, and be sure your new spark plugs are properly gapped, and that your valves are adjusted properly.

There are a LOT of aftermarket toys available for your car, btw, so you can make it pretty much as powerful as you want and have the budget for.

Thanks shadowfax.

A few questions:

  1. Are Tikico expensive than OEM?
  2. What do u mean by strong engine? Mine is not VTEC. It is an Auto.

One more - ladies at home thinks that the car is getting old and I should get something like (a used) TSX. What can I tell them to convince otherwise?


For shocks you can always Google “aftermarket OEM replacement shocks for 1999 Acura”. Then you can compare prices.

By “strong engine” I suspect Shadow means that if you get everything up to snuff that engine is perfectly capable of providing some enjoyment in stock form. You may want to have it gone over thoroughly.

VTEC has nothing to do with the transmission. VTEC is the variable valve timing system.

As to your last question…tell them you decided you’d rather spend the money on a nice night out and wine & dine them. Maybe even rent a limo for the evening. It’ll be a lot cheaper than getting a new car!

@sciconf 1) Depends on what you go with. Some are actually cheaper. The adjustable ones are a little more expensive (30-40 bucks per corner).

  1. mountainbike is correct - your B18-B engine, while not VTEC, is still a good little mill, and can move the car along pretty well even though it’s saddled with an auto tranny.

As for the “ladies at home,” it’s your car, not theirs. You should keep it if you like it. In my opinion, unless they’re footing the bills to maintain and repair the car, if it’s your car, they don’t get to choose whether or not you get to keep it. (the same rule applies for you regarding her car, btw).

Hell, I’ve got 2 that are much older than yours, and my “lady at home” is just fine with it.

If the sag is very little, it could be that the OEM struts were gas charged (almost positive they were) and they lost their charge. That would also reduce handling somewhat. I would try new OEM struts or KYB GR-2 strut replacements. KYB claims the GR-2 are direct replacement for OEM, but with a little bit of extra control to make up for wear and tear on the other suspension parts.

Shadawfax:" LOT of aftermarket toys available for your car"
Could u give some additional info?
I don’t mind giving you a call.

Sorry, I don’t generally give out my phone number on the internet. Do a google search for “3rd gen integra mods.” You’ll find a lot. Also check out Integra-specific forums (they’re out there) for ideas.

Thanks shadowfax

I searched Google and have some questions.

  1. What tire mod you would recommend for the 99 (and 87) teg?
  2. Would turbo mod makes my DOHC more fuel efficient and/or gives me more than 140hp?
  3. Curious, would a VTEC engine can be transplanted in my 99 teg? Will it smog (concern due to electrical)?
  4. I looked at 2006 Civic - these are SOHC and gives 140hp. Am I correct to say that putting a DOHC would have meant more power and energy efficient?
  5. You said teg’s are best 4 bangers - you advised to keep it. Does this applies to 1987 integra too? If not, I am having trouble finding a replacement since I love the 5Dr hatchback for its versatility.

Appreciate it

Tire mod? Do you mean which tires? I dunno. Do you drive it in the winter? stock wheels?

  1. your engine already has 142 hp. Turbos will not make you more fuel efficient.

  2. Yes, The B-18C or C5 (if you can find one) is a drop-in replacement. As to whether or not it will smog, I dunno, that depends on your state.

  3. No. DOHC does not automatically mean more power than SOHC. There’s a lot more to the power equation than just how many cams you have.

  4. If it’s in good shape and you like it, sure, keep it. That one does not have the B18, though. It has the ZC motor, which was also a good one, and getting hard to find.

Thanks shadowfax

What benefit will I get with a VTEC on my 99 teg with Auto tranny? I know VTEC is more power prob same or more mileage with stick shift.

Will VTEC work with an Auto tranny?

Any mod that you recommend or like?

Take the 4 banger out of the older car and put in a chevy 305 or 350 and build the car up around it; custom driveshaft, lengthen the front fenders to accommodate the larger engine, bigger hood, beef up the frame of the car, new wiring harness for new O2 sensors(does the 87 even have sensors?), electrical, etc.

Put a 383 stroker kit on the 350 and you’ll have a LOT more than 140hp. :smiley:
Though you’ll have spent quite a bit of money on it. Hell, you’ve had it for how long now? Might as well keep it longer.

I don’t generally bother doing performance mods on cars with slushboxes. There are some people who have successfully converted automatic Tegs to manual ones, but that will be expensive and time consuming.

I’d just make sure everything is 100% with the stock engine and concentrate on getting a good shocks/struts/tires.

If you want to really upgrade, sell the 99 and get a 2002 or newer, it will be cheaper in the long run. As for tire and suspensions, these work best when they are designed for each other. A complete engineered system will be very expensive and in the end, you may not like it. Upgrading only one part usually results in a downgrade for the whole system.

It’s very common for people with older cars to try to do upgrades to improve handling or performance without first getting their car in tiptop shape. And it’s a mistake. Very often people spend lots more cash trying to do the impossioble…compensate for worn or tired parts. Upgrades will not compensate for wear. Only proper repairs will.

Start by getting it all fixed up. Then, if you still feel the need to improve it, you can begin looking ito upgrades, and we’ll be happy to help.

The caveat to that is that you should replace worn/tired parts with upgrades where appropriate. Don’t fix the stock suspension and then upgrade it. When stuff breaks, it’s an excuse to get something better :wink: