200 civic and idling problems

I have a 200 Honda Civic. Great Car. problem is intermittent. Sometimes the car idles down so low it seems as though it is about to die. At other times, it idles down normally (6-900 or so)

I have cleaned the throttle body, and no change.

any thoughts/ideas will be greatly appreciated. Is there any manual adustment for low idle?

Dennis Reid
Bremen Ga

this was supposed to say 2000 Honda Civic

The throttle cable can be adjusted with a nut to open the throttle body a very small amount. The cable stretches over time. (same process as adjusting a bicycle brake)

The problem might be with a defective Idle Air Control valve. http://www.rockauto.com/catalog/moreinfo.php?pk=46699&cc=1363025

There is no adjustment for the engine idle speed. The idle speed is controlled by the IAC valve from the signal it receives from the computer.


Under no circumstances make any adjustments to the throttle stop screw. The throttle cable is supposed to have a little slack in it at idle so cable stretch is not the cause of this issue.

Tester is probably right in your case, however there is an idle adjustment screw located at the top of the throttle body in the MAP sensor. I don’t think adjusting this screw will help solve your problem though.

Since it is intermittent, then I would look at two possibilities. One is the IAC valve is sticking due to carbon build up on the shaft or a poor connection in the wiring to the IAC from the computer. The other possibility is a defective MAP sensor. The MAP sensor would turn on your check engine light (MIL) with a code (DTC) of P0107 or any code P0105-9.