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Idle Speed

Hi I recently bought a 2004 Mitsubishi Lancer es with 155000 miles. When I took it in for a jerk back when i was almost at a complete stop they told me the throttle cable was out of adjustment. after i got the car back i slightly could feel the jerk back but not that significant. i noticed that in drive at a stop the engine speed was at 1000 rpm. on my other car at a stop it would be idling at 700 rpm. do you think that the idle speed it too high and i should go back and have them adjust it. Thanks.

The idle speed is not adjustable. The computer uses a device called the Idle Air Controller (IAC) that maintains the idle speed. It is possible to adjust the throttle cable to crack open the throttle to override the IAC, but that is a band-aid fix and not proper. The proper repair is to fix the IAC or clean out the IAC ports.