Please Help! Civic 1998 1.6L Dx Coupe Automatic Idle issue

So, I was messing with my car because it had idle issues. It idled fine in the night and idles low in the day. So I changed IACV and tps sensor. Check tps to be calibrated at .50 TB closed and 4.57 open. That’s what my car gave me. I also moved the idle screw to be opened only 2 complete turns. That’s all I did. Went for a test drive and ran the same low idle about 400 rpms to where the engine shakes, in the day. Funny thing was I turned on the ac or hot air at full blast during the day and then car would idle at 700 -800 which is normal rpms/Idle to where it should be. What can be the problem?

I’ll appreciate any advice I’m really tired of my car not running well.

I was also told by a friend it could be the oil being too thin. I have 5w-30 oil and said it should have 10w-40 or 30.

@cdaquila, this is a duplicate post. OP has another thread open with responses to the same problem