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Why do I keep getting tire noise/howl?

After 10 or 12 thousand miles the tires start to make noise/howl. I have the front end aligned on a regular basis and have the tires rotated every 3-5 thousand. I normally use performance tires but I tried expensive all season tires and they were worse.

This is kind of normal for tires…When new the soft, siped, tread runs pretty quiet. As tires wear, the sipes are worn off, the tread blocks get firmer and hit the road with less flexibility. Noise increases…Some tire designs are much quieter than others…Cars in general make more noise as speed increases…

Some vehicles are not nice to tires. Even if aligned to the published tolerances, they will develop irregular wear.

Further, most of the published alignment tolerances are too wide - by half.

So let’s start here:

I explain what I think the ideal alignement needs to be and why.