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2.2 engine swap

I need to replace a blown motor in a 2004 Saturn Ion, 2.2 engine, Vin F.
The salvage yards list 4 engine types, the differences being;
1-with EGR, exhaust manifold drilled and tapped for air check valve
2- with EGR, exhaust manifold NOT tapped and drilled
3- No EGR, exhaust manifold tapped and drilled
4- No EGR, exhaust manifold NOT tapped and drilled

The motor I have has No EGR and is NOT tapped and drilled.
Question is, can I replace my motor with one that has no EGR but exhaust manifold IS tapped and drilled ?
Can’t I just switch manifolds or are there workings with-in the tapped engine, sensors, etc. that prevent this from being an easy, compatible engine swap?
Thank you in advance for any information.

The salvage yard has the interchange information, so if I were you I would ask them. Of course you could try

Do you have to pass an emissions test?? If not, then none of this is an issue. If you do, then an emissions related check engine light becomes an issue…Your on-board computer needs to see certain inputs to remain happy…If your wiring harness does not match the replacement engine exactly, there could be problems…

Thank you for the replies. is where I searched for motors- they are the ones that ask you to select between the 4 variations of the same motor- I was hoping that since my car doesn’t have the tapped/drilled for air check valve manifold, my computer wouldn’t be looking for that input, and I’d be using my old exhaust manifold and wire harness, so nothing new would be sent-
Thanks again.

As long as your manifolds (intake and exhaust) are intact, if there are differences on the donor engine, you can swap your old parts onto the new engine and use your original wiring harness.