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1995 Jaguar XJS convertible

What do you know about a mid-90’s Jag? Car is in great condition and has been serviced regularly. Any previous owners/drivers out there? Thanks!

Money pit, big time.

My mon had a 1994 XJ12. Magnificent car to drive, plenty of power, handled well for a heavy car, splendid interior, etc. However, reliability was bad, really bad. During the final year we had it. It was in the shop for no fewer than 33 days. Repairs are frequent and expensive. I would not rely on one for daily transportation.

Great cars and untouchable in their class for performance and handling I nearly bought my 4th XJS a couple of weeks ago when a 4.0Ltr 5 speed popped up on EBay - but then I know Jaguars well.

Unless you have a considerable war chest or even more considerable auto repair knowledge to maintain a 14 year old Jaguar I’d steer clear of it were I you. Old Jaguar maintenance is more of a life style than a hobby.

If you go ahead and succumb to the car no doubt we’ll see you again on this forum ~ filed under ‘Frequent Flyer’.