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1999 Windstar Electric Conversion; can engine be removed & leave transmission in, tow, etc

1999 Windstar Electric Conversion; can engine be removed & leave transmission in
& can it be towed to the next shop?
One shop owner told me Windstars can’t be moved w/o engine.
(Looking to call BS w/ other owners’ experience!)

1999 v6 3.0 Vulcan (was gov. owned & underpowered)

Thanks kindly!

I’m an old farmer that went into electrical engineering
& a bunch of high energy physics,
(with a long detour in PC network security)
having “fun” w/ a diversity of charging systems’ circuity,
ranging from lead car batteries to Li 18650’s.

Lead batteries only last 1-2 yrs from EV abuse,
but for this stage… sounds perfect!

This is stepping stones to an EV startup,
so this is going to be a fun documentary! =)

Any car can have the engine removed, the transmission remains, and you flatbed it to a shop.

I’m not overly familiar with that vehicle. If it has transmission mounts that connect the transmission to the car (it should) then you’re good. If not, or if it has them but they’re broken, you’ll probably want to remove the transmission and axles as well before you get it on the truck.

Depending on the electric drivetrain you go with, it might be more efficient to go direct drive instead of running through a transmission.

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The engine on this vehicle is removed by lowering cradle/engine/transaxle as an assembly from the bottom of the vehicle.

This means the front suspension/steering systems are disassembled.


With or without the engine an automatic transmission will be damaged when the vehicle it is in is towed without the engine running to operate the transmission oil pump.

Of course removing the axle half shafts while leaving the outer splined stub installed without the joint would allow towing. And my guess is that the transmission is the cause for concern of towing by the shop owner.

Dump the automatic trans completely. With the entire powertrain removed, you can tow it all you want. Plus, there are far too many losses for a decent EV conversion. Scrap it and source a manual trans instead.

You really don’t need gears, but a manual transaxle will allow you to mount the motor and provide a differential.

It is a front wheel drive, why can’t the front end be lifted and towed? Nothing left to hook on to?

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