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1999 Volvo C70 Power Seat

My passenger side seat is stuck in the far forward position. Is there any way to fix it or at least to force it to be stuck in the farthest back position so I can at least use my passenger seat? None of the buttons work – they’re dead. I don’t want to have to pay an arm and a leg – what can I do?

Figure out how to remove the panel that holds the power seat buttons. I think it snaps in place, perhaps a screw of two also. With the panel off you’ll have access to the wiring for the button. Undo the electrical connection. On the connector side leading to the motor; one of the leads is “hot” and the others are for the direction to move the seat. Often the hot wire is black, so figure a way to jump the wires and make a connection from black to another color wire and see if the seat moves. When it goes backward you’ve got the one you need. Once the seat is where you want it put the panel back on but leave the switch disconnected.

I had the same problem with a '98 V70 seat on the driver’s side. I found that if I giggled the switch just right I could make the seat move backward, but I had to do this by being on my knees on the ground to get it to move. No way to do it while seated. You can buy replacement switches on ebay for much less than a Volvo dealer wants. I was able to get by since the “memory” buttons worked on the driver’s seat. You don’t have that feature for the passenger so above is the best I can offer.

Oh yeah, sell the car. Mine was a huge money pit and my budget came back in line the day I sold it.