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1999 Volkswagon

I need to know trans. shift points for my 1999 VW cabro. Thanks Bob

If it doesn’t have a tachometer, then just shift when you feel the torque curve waning.

Stock engines in “normal person” cars like VWs cannot readily overrun their RPM limits, cannot “redline” easily. You can safely run them until you feel the curve wane and then upshift.

manual or auto trans?

Depending on how you are driving and the terrain, they can vary greatly.

It also varies greatly depending on your driving. You can make different choices for performance, or economy or comfort.

This information is normally contained in the Owner’s Manual, and I am assuming that you don’t have a manual. However, it is frequently possible to download the manual from the manufacturer’s website, or from other sites.

When doing an online search for the manual, just be sure to spell the make of car correctly, i.e.:
Volkswagen (not Volkswagon!)

What’s the purpose of the information?

Maybe he wants to find out if he has been over-revving it for the past 9 years.


Seriously, however, I envision a scenario of someone who (pick one or more):
*Has not previously driven a manual transmission
*Just bought this car
*Does not have an Owner’s Manual

Of course, that is just a guess, given the somewhat cryptic nature of the original post.

This is an auto trans. I need to know the shift points for each gear at normal acceleration.

Unfortunately, there are no pre-set shift points for your transmission. The computer that controls the tranny is adaptive. It monitors the driving conditions and the habits of the driver and uses “fuzzy logic” to optimize shift points.
If you feel the transmission is not shifting at the correct points, you can scan the computer for fault codes (assuming you have a vag scan tool).

Keep in mind, these transmissions are geared very low compared to other cars. The RPMs will always seem a little high.

If the shifting habits of the tranny have changed recently, you may want to have a throttle body adaptation performed on the engine ECU and a throttle calibration on tranny ECU. These calibrations are often lost if the battery goes dead or is disconnected.

Mr.Bean, Thanks for your help. You have been very helpful. Bob