1999 volkswagon auto trans

I have a 1999 VW cabrio with auth trans. and I would like to know how to fool the computor to let me be able to lower the trans. shift points.

This car has a 2.0 litre engine with a meager amount of power-the car needs those shift points it’s got. You don’t want to lower them and strain the motor.

while driving in the city I’m in 3th gear. At about 45mph it shifts into 4th. I wish I could get into 4th sooner. Thanks for any help.

Why? The engine at that speed is already going quite slow, you aren’t going to save any fuel by running it even slower (way below the power band), if that’s what you are after.

Sounds like it is shifting correctly. Volkswagen engineers spend a lot of time on test loops and city streets tuning the shift points for maximum mileage on these cars. Automakers value every mpg they can get. Maximum fuel mileage doesn’t always correlate with engine speed, but instead with the power curve of the motor. You are getting the highest mileage possible right now as it comes from the factory.

Put some black electical tape over the tachometer.
The problem will easily go away.

You have given me the best reply yet. Because it’s the RPM’S and the engine noise I’m not please with. It goes into 3th about 38mph and 4th about 44mph. It seems very high. Thanks.