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1999 Toyota Corolla CE maintenance - hoses and AC

My Corolla has been great to me. I haven’t had any major problems. But as it is getting older machanics have been making recomendations that I get some work done. The “major” repair I have been considering lately is to get the hoses replaced. It’s still got the originals and the mechanics claim they are getting a little soft. I don’t want them to bust, but I also don’t want to get it done if it’s not necessary. Any thoughts?

Also, my A/C is pretty much dead. It doesn’t get cool anymore. I can tell it wants to get the car cool, but it just doesn’t quite get the job dinr. I am assuming I need to replace to coolant, hopefully that’s it. How much does work usually go for?

Any advice is appreciated. Thanks!


All cars need regular maintenance and wear-out repairs. You are long overdue on the hoses, so I would replace all the “mushy” ones and check the rest. Replacing hoses is not a “major” repair, unless you believe that cars only need oil changes to keep going.

You A/C may just be down on refrigerant; take it to a good independent A/C specialist shop and they can tell ypu in 15 minutes what it needs.

If it needs a compressor, budget about $600 or so for a rebuilt one.

It would be useful to take out the OWNER’S MANUAL to see what other items the car needs at this mileage and age.

Timing belt should be changed around 90,000mi and if it is due you can save a lot on labor doing it all at same time,belt,hoses,alt belt and new anti-freeze.
I would also think about all new brake fluid also.
Your model will go 250,000 easy but must keep repairs done.
As others said look at book, and never do a trans flush just drop pan and clean then add new fluid.