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1999 toyota coralla

Does anybody have a picture or diagram or even a drawing because i need to know what fuel lines go where …im just a little lost right now …thank you

What are you trying to do?


@Tester, he’s trying to replace the fuel lines on his '99 Geo Prizm. But, and I assume, that he removed all the lines, and now has no reference to which line goes where. A very dangerous situation.

Your local library with some repair manuals could provide you with the information you need.

I was just so stupid by not marking the lin es but i also didn’t expect all 3 lines to be rotten …all that leaking was pretty scary when i learned how bad that they all were …especially the high pressure fuel line which important assuming goes to the engine line with the fuel filter on it …how do i tell where the 2 other lines connect …

The fuel return is a slightly larger line from the fuel pressure regulator on the fuel rail back to the tank. The larger line allows for the pressure in this line to be greatly reduced. The evap line may be larger or about the same size, and runs to the charcoal canister to collect and evacuate gas vapor. On this car, the evap line may be on a separate port than the fuel pressure and return lines.