1999 Toyota Camry - Brake issue

breaks load up when used and do not unload ?

Brakes are what you meant ? If they don’t work right and you can’t fix them yourself then put the vehicle in a shop . It even might be best to have it towed to the shop.


I have NO idea what you mean by this… Please explain.


If you mean the brakes engage but won’t disengage when brake pedal is released, the brake hoses to front the calipers may be deteriorated inside and are now acting as check valves and not releasing the brakes



I don’t know wthat you mean either but 50 years ago had a bad power brake booster that would lock the pedal down on a long stop. Pop the pedal up again with your foot for the next time. Precision in explaining symptoms leads to different paths.

I expect it’s what Tester suggests above, rubber brake hose has deteriorated. One idea, ask shop to put car on lift so they can figure out which wheel(s) are doing it. If two or more wheels involved, seems unlikely multiple rubber brake hoses would fail at once, so would have to be something upstream: upstream rubber brake hoses, proportioning valve, master cylinder, or power brake booster. ABS malfunction possible as well, but seems less likely.