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1999 Town & Country AWD 3.8 liter V6

Slow oil leak through front valve cover gasket - replaced it & changed oil. Pan I drain oil into had tan colored slime on the bottom after I emptied it. Oil stains on driveway are tan/white when it rained. Coolant down a lot a couple of months ago.

No white smoke out exhaust or rough running.

I assume it’s a blown head gasket. Any other possible things to check?

Any estimates on cost to replace the head gaskets? Can’t do it myself - I have an unheated garage in Boston with no lifts.

Any good/bad stories about liquid additives to seal gaskets (i.e. steel seal, etc.)

Thanks is another good place to ask. It is specific to Chrysler products, and there is a minivan forum.

Back up! Oil leak at valve cover means nothing. Oil stains on driveway tan/white “when it rained.” Close to nothing.

Well, of course, when it rains water is added to the oil stains, and they look like oil/water mix. This has nothing to do with the oil stains when it hasn’t rained. What do they look like?

You say, “Coolant down a lot a couple of months ago,” but you’re not telling us what happened since then. What’s the coolant level now? Have you had to add coolant? If so, how much?

You may have a blown head gasket, but you may not.


Get someone to analyze the coolant for traces of combustion gasses, and check the cylinders for leak-down. There is too much money at stake to fool around. Make sure you know what you’re doing before you pay for repairs you may not need.