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1999 Tacoma- Inconsistent Starting

I have a 1999 stock tacoma that’s in pretty good condition. Over the last several months i have been experiencing inconsistencies in how it starts. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

What exactly are “inconsistencies”? Doesn’t rotate, rotates without firing, fires for a moment then dies, does it when cold, does it when hot, etc? Some details about the problem are needed to help us better diagnose the issue.

it usually happens when it is hot. it will rotate but take a lot longer to start and once it does start to turn over it will sputter and die. If i give it a little gas when it starts it usually works.
It seems like when it starts cold i can hold the key for about a second and it turns over every time. It is inconsistent when its hot/warm and i have to hold the key longer for it to turn over. thats when it sometimes sputters and dies or i have to give it a little gas to get it going.
Thanks for your response. Any more information is greatly appreciated.

Not a cure; but a diagnosis: during start, hold the pedal to the metal until it starts. As it starts, let up on the gas pedal. Did this help? Tell us. #2. Before you crank, turn the ignition switch ON for two seconds, and OFF, three times; then START. Results? Tell us.

the pedal to the metal method works, but the on and off three times method didnt help. it took me a while to respond because it didnt happen for a coulple of weeks but then it happened like 3 times in a row which is not normal. any suggestions? thanks again.