1999 Sephia fuel pump


Do you need to remove the gas tank to replace the fuel pump in a 1999 Kia Sephia?


99 Kia Sephia fuel pump instructions.

Before servicing the vehicle, refer to the precautions in the beginning of this Section.
Relieve the fuel system pressure.
Remove or disconnect the following:
Negative battery cable
Rear seat cushion from the vehicle
Clean any dirt that has accumulated around the fuel pump cover so it will not enter the tank during pump removal and installation.
Remove or disconnect the following:
Fuel pump cover
Fuel gauge connector, hoses, and the gauge
Fuel pump electrical connector
Fuel pump from the bracket assembly
Seal ring and discard
To install:

Clean the fuel pump mounting flange, fuel tank mounting surface and seal ring groove.
Apply a light coating of grease on a new seal ring to hold it in place during assembly
Install or connect the following:
Seal ring
Fuel pump to the bracket assembly carefully to ensure the filter is not damaged. Be sure the seal ring remains in the groove.
Hold the pump assembly in place, and pull the fuel pump down so that it is tight against the bracket.
Install or connect the following:
Fuel pump electrical connector
Fuel gauge, hoses, and gauge connector
Fuel pump cover
Rear seat cushion
Negative battery cable
Start the engine and check for proper system operation and for fuel leaks.

So to answer your question NO.


You might not like this one, but if by looking under the hood you haven’t found the fuel pump you might want to have someone else do this for you.


I think that the OP is more on-target than you are. While the mechanical fuel pumps of yesteryear could be found under the hood, modern-day electric fuel pumps are usually found in the gas tank or directly adjacent to it.


Perhaps my first post was not clear enough. The fuel pump on this car as well as most late model fuel injected cars is in the gas tank. The gas tank does not need to be removed for replacement. There is an access panel located under the rear seat. The removal and installation instructions I posted are straight from the repair manual.


The fuel pump is a $300 item. Why are you changing it? Are you changing it to see if it fixes a problem? If you are, that’s a very expensive troubleshooting technique. What if changing the fuel pump doesn’t fix it? The next expensive item is the engine computer. A 1999 vehicle can easily have a dirty fuel filter which would slow fuel flow and drop fuel pressure. Have you actually tested the fuel pump AFTER changing that dirty fuel filter? It could be cheaper to let a (good) mechanic test it, first.


Dartman–Your post was exceptionally clear and gave a huge amount of good information. I was replying to Galant, who is apparently unfamiliar with the placement of an electric fuel pump, which coincidentally exists in his own vehicle!


Point taken, I guess I misread the original post. After reading it again I see that the question is not about the location of the pump-my bad.

On the side, I have once fitted an electric fuel pump next to the gas tank in a car that had a mechanical pump that we could not find the replacement for. This was way before the newer designs were out.