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1999 Saturn starting problems

I have two problems with my Saturn. First one is sometimes when I go to start it, nothing happens. It doesn’t turn over. I wait a few minutes and try again and it starts. The second problem is sometimes when I start it it flutters and dies. it acts like there is not enough gas to the engine. Someone told me that it could be the starter or solenoid for the first problem and the valve sticking for the second problem. Anyone out there know anything?

The starting problem could be due to a faulty starter solenoid, starter, safety switch, or ignition switch. Most of the time it is just due to bad battery connections. First thing to do is clean the battery posts and cable connections using a battery post cleaning brush.

I believe that 1999 Saturn has a computer that stores error codes. Have it checked to see if there are any stored error codes. It may have stored codes even if the CEL is not on.

How old is the battery? When was the last time you changed the spark plugs and wires? How about air filter and fuel filter?

How many miles on your car? Automatic or manual transmission?

Follow Cougar’s advice and check those battery cables (both ends of each cable.