Can you name this part?

I am trying to repair this part myself. I believe all I need are some plastic pins, but I don’t know what part it is. Can any of you experts help me identify this part that is hanging down???

if attached picture is not available, please see the pic uploaded below.

Thanks in advance!!

The terminology may differ from one mfr to another, but I would refer to it as an Air Dam.

I usually call them a front “air dam.” There are a lot of other names as well like “air inlet.”

Go to the Nissan dealer’s parts department and ask them. They can pull up an exploded view and tell the part name. They can also give you a price. You might consider a surplus part. After you get the name, shop junk yards on line to see if they have the part and what the price is.

Most parts stores sell replacement plastic retainer clips. aybe they can even point you to the right ones.

Take one of the remaining pins with you. Usually, with a small screwdriver, you pry out the center section to release the pin from the sheetmetal.

Barky Dog Beat Me To My Comment. Auto Parts Stores Usually Have Several Size (Diameter) Packaged Clips To Chose From. Some Have A Locking Push-Pin In The Center.

If You have snow where you live then it’s probably bumping into piled snow that broke the plastic push-pin clips or knocked them out. The fact they yielded probably kept the air dam from breaking. This is a very common event in snow country.


That’s not an air dam.

It’s the lower engine cover or splash shield.


Valence panel… but different manufacturers have different names for it. Just call it the parking block grabber 'cause that’s what they do when you inadvertently try to rip them off the car.


Most auto parts stores have a “HELP” rack with all sorts of miscellaneous vehicle specific small parts and fasteners. You might find it there.

The Nissan parts counter will have the exact fit plastic fasteners. And they should be reasonably cheap.

Yeah plus 2 for just getting the OEM Fasteners. The Help displays often will just have something close and you’ll spend time messing with it. Not cheap though-probably $10 for a bag. I would have called it a lower splash guard, lower air foil, etc. but I agree you should check with the dealer first to get the exact name and part number. Probably a couple hundred, but then you can check on alternatives. Something like that I like OEM and the one pictured just doesn’t look like it. Who knows though?

The red circle is partly blocking the view.
As others have stated different makers have different names.
If its part of the bumper it could be
air dam
air deflector
lower fascia

if it connects to the lower fascia and extends back it could be
closeout panel
air shield

Thanks to everyone who responded. I did used to live in snow country and I do like to pull in nice and forward to park! Snow banks + parking blocks = hanging lower engine cover splash metal guard !!

I might be seeing this wrong, but it looks like the broken bit is behind the airdam. I think the splash guard came loose…

Thanks @shadowfax - it is indeed the splash guard.

@Tester They used to be called “gravel guards” before aerodynamics came in. Now it can be called splash guard, air dam or what ever modern sounding name you want to give it.

When someone says air dam, this is what I think of.

A device mounted below the bumper that limits the amount of air that goes under the vehicle.