1999 Nissan Maxima Key Problem

The top of my key which attaches to the key ring is broken. Trying to avoid paying the dealer price for a new key, I tried two locksmiths who had equipment to duplicate the key and reprogram the chip within the key. When the key was inserted into the ignition it would not turn the ignition even though it was an exact duplicate. I have told that 1999 was a change over year for the ignition system. Might I have some sort of hybrid system. The machine that makes the key seems to recognize the chip and matches it. If the chip were the problem would not the key turn in the ignition but not start the car.

The new key’s that you had made can’t be exact duplicates. If they were they would turn the lock. The program chip does not keep the lock from turning, but it does keep the starter or ignition from activating. If your old key was used to make the duplicates then it must be very worn. The lock cylinder could also be worn. You could try making a duplicate key from the key code, if that does not work you will need a new lock & key assembly.

If you have a spare key, which is probably less worn than the primary key, try having a duplicate made from it. A duplicate of any key that turns the lock should also turn the lock.

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