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1999 Mercedes

The car has 26000 miles and I am the original owner. I have had it towed to the dealer twice in the past 3 weeks where it now sits. When you try to start the car the lights come on the fan works,but it does not click or turn over. This car is kept at Va. Beach, Va. in a garage and we use it every two or three weeks when we are there. It may sit longer, but it always started. This is just happening recently. I told the service mgr. I will be back May 24th. and let it sit for a couple weeks and then give it a try. I did tell them about a starter relay that might be the problem after checking on the internet. The battery check out good. Any help would be appreciated as I do not want to take it out and get stuck although, Mercedes 800 number is very responsive. I think we are getting on a first name basis.

Thanks again for any suggestions,


Obviously, based on the mileage (unless you left of a zero), you do not use the car very much. If that means that months go by between uses, the battery will slowly lose power and be unable to start the car when you want to use it. If it ever gets to freezing where the car is stored and unused, that will drain the battery quickly and ultimately the battery will be damaged and will no longer be able to keep a charge.
I’d guess you wintered this car in VA Beach, and that it got much colder there than usual over the winter for a few days, and now the battery is damaged. However much the battery is said to check out, replace it first before chasing other answers.
In the future, arrange to have the battery charged over the period not in use, or better yet arrange to have the car started and
driven once around the garage once a week. At least pull the battery out and stored in a heated space.