1999 Mercedes E320 Wagon maintenance Requirements

I just acquired a 1999 Mercedes E320 wagon and I read all the manuals that came with the car but they don’t say much about maintenance and I really need to know:

1. What weight oil does the manufacturer recommend? Past oil changes were 20/50 is this correct?

2. Does this have a timing belt that needs mandatory changing at specific intervals or does it have a chain which does not?

3. Does this car have child safety locks on the back doors? If so how are they activated?

Go there and search for a local dealership and call them and ask if they have the schedules for that model/year. I’m sure the service rep would be happy to help you out.

I am shocked, stunned, that this information is not in the owner’s manual. The manual for my '89 Mercedes has all this information. It’s gotta be in yours. Get a copy of the owner’s manual for your car. Read it.