Question About Automatic Transmission

I recently bought a used 1999 Mercedes E-320 from my brother, with about 61K miles. A week after I bought it, the automatic transmission started giving me problems. Essentially, I can accelerate fine, but when I stop accelerating and coast/put on the brakes, I hear a fairly loud pop and then the car jumps out of gear, so that when I hit the accelerator again it just revs in neutral. I can pull over, put the car back in gear, and drive away. I’m hoping this might be a fairly easy fix, but fear I may need a new transmission (which will hurt a lot financially). Serves me right for buying a car from a family member (I was forewarned by many, but didn’t listen). Anyway, can anyone give me any guidance on what they think the problem might be, and how serious it is? Many thanks!

If you haven’t already done so, check the level of the transmission fluid. If the level is correct, you have no recourse but to visit a Mercedes dealer.

You didn’t mention the mileage on this vehicle, nor did you say the CEL is on, but you did say you were forewarned.

Good luck.

Skip the dealer if possible and find an independent shop that knows how to repair MB cars.

take the car to any reputable shop and have the transmission oil and filter changed. then check for loose or cracked vacuum lines. these are the easiest fixes and the most likely cause of failure. the next step if these don’t work is a major transmission repair.

It’s a problem with the shift module, located under the console. It’s NOT a filter or fluid problem, and it’s NOT a vacuum hose (there aren’t any associated with the trans on this car).
An MB trans problem will set a trouble code; the check engine light will NOT illuminate, but the stored code can be retrieved by the dealer or a qualified MB shop.
With only 61,000 miles, I’d suspect an electrical problem with the module, possibly with the connections from moisture. Inspect and clean them first.
The code can be cleared, then the car driven to see if the problem re-presents. If it does, then it’s time for more diagnosis.
If your bro’ sold it to you knowing it was doing this, you should RO-SHAM-BO to see who covers the bill. You get to kick first…

As an owner of 2 Benzes, I second using an independent (non-dealer) MB shop. It will save you a lot of money and they may look into the problem further for a repair as opposed to quickly jumping to a conclusion of “you need to replace it”. An acquaintance of mine rain into this situation with the dealer when his MB transmission acted up.