1999 Mercedes Diesal 300D


Having trouble starting and gaining speed from the car. Takes a long time to warm up. Car sputters and loses power on acceleration. Especially on hills or inclines. Seems to be starving for fuel in low gear. Once car is rolling , problem seems to go away. What is wrong???


Usually that means the fuel filters are clogged, try replacing them before you do anything else.


After reading your post again, I’m not sure on my answer. Does the problem only happen when the engine is cold or is the loss of power still there when it warms up?


Thank you for responding Greg. We are not getting very far with dealership staff or local “mercedes experts”.
If the engine starts off with the problem, it just seems to continue, regardless of the number of miles or time driven. The problem seems to be weather related. As the temperature here in Central VA has turned a little cooler, the engine gets tempermental. The car ran perfectly fine all summer. Spent $900 last winter to replace fuel lines, but didn’t seem to help.
Just need some advice as to what to check out.


The fact that it’s weather related seems to indicate something electronic (not the lines, filters, tank screen, mechanical pump, etc.). I’m not very familiar with the newer diesel injection controls. Try posting the symptoms here, several of these guys have a E300D:


Thank you Craig. We really appreciate the referral to the other website. At this point, we’re willing to consider anything. And we are learning a lot from your response and reading the postings here.