1999 Mazda 626 4 cyl horn wont shut off

This car has been one problem after another though I am determined to get it fixed, too much money invested not to. After replacing the two horns, checking ground, security system and any other possible issues between the relay/fuse holder under the hood I believe there is an issue with the horn or harness in the steering wheel. My mechanic also isolated it to there as well. Since there aren’t any horn buttons on the wheel, just the airbag, I believe there is an issue with the harness though when I removed the airbag there wan’t anything in the clock spring area that would indicate if i pushed on it the horn would go off? Is there a horn button on top of the airbag or underneath, Google and my technical manual show nothing. Mazda does not make the harness anymore so I would be relegated to find used. Thoughts?

I had a 1997 Mazda that had the airbags mounted to a spring-loaded bracket. You pressed on the airbag to activate the horn. The switch had contacts on either side of the bracket that closed and triggered the horn relay.

Unplug the horn switch at the base of the airbag holder (orange wire) and see if the problem is gone. If gone buy a used airbag which comes with the horn switch.

If the problem is the harness or the horn switch under the airbag, my suggestion is to disconnect the wires in the harness that go to the horn switch and purchase an auxiliary horn button that mounts on the side of the steering column. Connect one lead from the button to the horn relay and the other lead to a good ground and you are back in business.

Thank you all! I will take all suggestions and post a reply, no one had ever posted this issue anywhere previously and now that I realize that the airbag has the horn in it it makes sense.

Horn stopped going off after unplugging orange wire from airbag. Ordered airbag and hopefully this one does not have a bad horn switch in it…

Not likely to get two in a row, this is not a common problem.

Well after $25 airbag replacement the horn is not stuck anymore…Thanks Rattle my Gas