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1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee drive shaft boot blowout

drive shaft boot keeps blowing out after shaft is replaced. What causes this issue?

Did you burp the air out . . . ?

No, I did not see where you could do that on this shaft. The shaft came pre assembled with the boot sealed on the shaft. Did I miss something?

Thank you

Do you go off-road with your Jeep? Was the vehicule ever involved in an accident?

Are you talking about the driveshaft from the transfer case to the front differential?


No off road. Only minor fender bender.

Did the shop put back the old boot?Boots usually get torn by physical impact of some sort, it is just thin rubber after all, not armor plating. Debris from the road is the most common cause, but even an automated car-wash can be the culprit.

It literally blew out within 10 miles. Nothing came in contact.

No experience with Jeep driveshaft boots, but the only problem I’ve ever had with CV joint boots on fwd is when I don’t clamp them correctly, or I get the boot too bunched up or stretched out during the install. Maybe it just needs improved clamping. When you try again, suggest to place witness marks exactly where you’ve got it positioned, and monitor daily to see if the placement is moving.