2003 Durango Radiator Drain ? WHERE?

Hello…I have a Manual and it shows a petcock on the bottom driver side of the Radiator…

I can not find it…Is it really there ???

Thank You in Advance


just google it…here is the site

What manual are you getting this info from?

Some radiators don’t have a drain petcock.


But they all have a lower radiator hose you can disconnect. That’s usually much easier and faster than the drain if it even exists…What happens often with the drain, you break the plastic fitting or, if it’s brass, the soldered in drain fitting comes lose before the drain opens…

I did google it, But I must have over looked the better info.
I have never been to Fixya.com, But now it’s in my favorites
The Manual that I used is Haynes…(As a kid, I always liked Chiltons more)
Thank You for the help
Happy Holidays