1999 Hyundai Elantra


I have a 99 Elantra and every 2 months I have to replace the oil. Is this common with this car. It goes through oil so fast. My daughter is taking it to college and I’m worried that she’ll forget to fill up the oil. Is there something we can do to minimize the loss of oil? Any ideas will be appreciated.


Your post is a little vague. How much oil do you have to add in how many miles? Any oil spots under the car?


We just drive the car locally so I can’t imagine we put more than 1000 miles every 2 months. When we check the stick, it is almost empty and we have to put at least 2-3 quarts in.


That’s serious oil consumption. Things to check:

  1. Obvious leaks, like the valve cover gasket, oil filter, oil pan gasket, and oil pan plug.
  2. The condition of the PCV valve and hoses.
  3. Blue smoke from the tailpipe, which indicates a worn engine.

Try to get your daughter in the habit of checking the oil at each fill-up.


How many people, your children, or not, will check the oil of a gift car, much less add oil? I’m sure that she will tell you, perhaps sincerely, that she will check the oil and add if necessary; but… Fix the leaks for the sake of the car’s life.