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Oil Loss

I have a 2006 Chevy Malibu and recently found that it was losing oil very quickly. I have never seen any leaks, nothing is ever on the ground. I have checked the coolant reservoir and don’t see any oil mixed in. There is no smoke when I drive. Everything seems normal with the exception that it is losing oil. Any ideas?

Was this one time that you had to top off the oil, or do you continually have to add more? How often and how much are you adding?

How many MILES do you drive before you need to a a QUART of oil?

Yea, as Caddyman said, how many miles are you getting on a quart of oil. BTW how often do you check the oil level? How many miles on your car?

Funny thing about modern cars. You need to change the oil less often, but you likely will need to add oil between scheduled changes.

Many people today just can’t accept the idea of those longer oil changes, but really they are safe. Follow the oil change regiment as listed in the owner’s manual.

A GM Bulletin (January, 2009) Says That Oil Consumption Of Less Than 1 Quart / 2,000 Miles Meets The Guidelines For [Normal] Oil Consumption.

How, when, where are you checking the oil ? They recommend waiting 15 minutes after running to check the oil with the car on a level surface.