1999 Honda Prelude Type SH

Prior to, and still after I’ve replaced the power steering rack and boot (also the R Tie rod, L Tie rod and Rack PS RMD), the alignment problem still persists. I’ve had two different service departments each perform an alignment, with the dealership being the most recent service shop.

The strange part is the alignment will be fine with one tire rotation; however, once I have the tires rotated again (after ~3K miles), the car continues to pull to the right. When I take it in again to rotate the tires, it will be fine.

I’ve taken it back to complain, only to be informed that there isn’t a problem. When I requested the service representative drive with me, he noticed how the car “immediately” pulls to the right. His comment was something like “hmm, it didn’t do that when we test drove it?”

What else can I check? What else could be wrong? I’ve had the initial service shop tell me I had a bad tire. However, when it came time to replace my tires, I purchased the tires from their shop, only to have the same problem. Could the rim be bent?


Want to drive straight in life (Robert M).

It sounds like a bent rim to me. I would take it somewhere where they can spin the rims on a balancer to see if there is any drastic movement in the rim. By spinning it you’ll be able to see if its warped or bent.