I took the Accord to a local, family owned mechanic say, a month ago to have an alignment done because the car was wondering to the right, not really bad, but noticeable,

After I got the car back they told me that my front tires had “radial pull” to the left, and that they rotated the front two tires only.

I gave it some time hoping it would get better, but the car pulls to the left pretty aggressively at freeway speeds (barely noticeable driving around town).

My arm will get sore holding the wheel to the right to keep the car going straight.

This is only an issue because I drive this car 200+ miles round trip on the interstate every single weekend, so after a while it becomes quite unpleasant to drive.

My question is, would it be unreasonable to take the car back to the shop, and politely ask them to double check their work as a favor to me?

I wouldn’t have spent $60 if I knew it was only going to make the problem worse and in the opposite direction,

What are the long term consequences of ignoring a bad alignment, other than wearing down the tires?


It’s possible that uneven wear caused by the original out of alignment condition has caused a pull in the now properly-aligned car, but in all honesty it should not be anywhere near that bad. Besides that, they should have test drive the car before giving it back and should not have returned it to you this bad without recommending a fix. And, the proper correction if you chose to keep the tires would have been to move the fronts to the rear and the rears to the front.

Take it back. Be nice, but be firm. They need to do better.